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Mrs. Nikiel Winston
Founder, President & CEO

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Mrs. Nikiel Winston, Founder, President & CEO of Healthy Life Global, holds a M.S. Degree of Honors in Sports Administration from Grambling State University, and a B.S. Degree of Honors in Physical Education from Mississippi Valley State University.  Mrs. Winston is a former collegiate athlete and functioned professionally as an Athletic Director, Physical Education Teacher, and Coach.  She resigned after 12 years to pursue her passion to grow and strategically impact the community.  Her coaching years taught her the importance of mentorship and the influential power that changes lives.  With her personal & educational background which fueled the establishment of Healthy Life Global, she has presented at several Universities Sport Conferences and Sport Symposiums.

Healthy Life Global (HLG), is a non-profit organization that services Northern America, specifically the Mid-South region for over 13 years.  With emphasis on leadership, cultural education, health, and sport enrichment impacting thousands of children.  Its purpose is to equip future leaders to live like champions. Although being established in Southaven, Mississippi HLG continues progressive strides grooming future leaders who impact the local community, region, nation, and global communities. The vision is to serve as an international catalyst for the personal and professional development of future leaders who transform culture through progressive actions and healthy lifestyles beyond the court, field, and stage.

HLG provides several service programs to the community; HOPE(Helping Obesity Prevention in Elementary) which consist of Before and After school Programs, youth health initiatives, physical activity, and summer & sports camps.  HLG Ambassador’s Program which supports the growth and leadership development of student athletes, HLG Food Programs, and, Healthy Life Global Ghana, servicing the global community with the partnership of Grambling State University and our interns.

Mrs. Winston is from Decatur, Georgia where she graduated from Southwest DeKalb High School and gained an athletic scholarship to M.V.S.U.  There she met her husband and a year after graduating they married, and she moved to Louisiana.  They lived there for 4 years before relocating to Southaven, Mississippi 2006.  She is a mother of 3 children.

About Us

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Board of Directors

Mr. Neko Sharkey


Ms. Cynthia Jones


Mr. Harold Harris


Mrs. Michellda Evans


Dr. Aaron Livingston Ph.D.


Mrs. Nikiel Winston


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